Natural Gas is a coiled spring

I'm seeing natural gas at $4.00 by December. Play it with UGAZ. Here are my reasons:

La Nina will increase the number of tropical storms in the Atlantic, which has been on the quiet side for the past three seasons.

During one week last month, the country used up a little of its gas reserves for the first time during a summer in 10 years, according to a report released Monday by the U.S. Department of Energy.

It became cheaper for power plants to burn gas than coal. In April last year, natural gas generated more electricity than coal in the U.S. for the first time in decades.

U.S. Natural Gas Drilling Rig Statistics
Current natural gas drilling rigs:     86
Active rig count one year ago:         223
Rig Peak (hit on 9/12/08):               1,606

 Peak natural gas is coming plus depletion rates show a steep drop off

The Frigging Fracking Fallacy

I'm not a geologist, but from the alternative articles I've read, natural gas will explode sometime between now and 2022.

The play for me is $BOIL and I'm boxing in the current price by selling out of the money calls and selling out of the money puts.

Skip to 37:30 for natural gas analysis.