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Investment Advisors Forced To Give You The Same Old Tired Advice

The big brokerage houses steer you to the "most common" investment direction. That is, do what everyone else is doing - a kind of collectivism. What you need to know is that they are forced to do this by law. It's called the Prudent Man Rule. Just another regulation to keep folks in wage slavery!


Government Forces Consumer Purchases (Beyond Health Care Legislation)

  • The FCC made us switch to digital cellular networks;  forcing analog users to upgrade.
  • In 2015, you won't be able to buy an incandescent light bulbs; forcing you into more expensive CFL anf LED technology.
  • And we all had to switch to digital tv back in 2009; forcing antenna folks to buy additional equipment!

So the next time any politician says "you can't make consumers buy something" give them my examples and ask them to stand up to tyranny!