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Bucket List of Frugal Websites - Lucky 13

  1. Ready to start seeing the world? It's smaller than you think, when you go via the COUCHSURFING Project. Use this site to find people who are willing to host you on their couches!
  2. Get the face value for hard-to-get sports, concert and theater tickets at cashortrade.
  3. Live Music Archive offers thousands of live shows for free.
  4. SIMPLEDOLLAR hasa step-by-step guide to getting your credit card interest lowered.
  5. Are you renting? This neat tool lets you see if you are paying too much. It is called RENTOMETER and is so simple to use!
  6. Want to cut back on your household expenses? THISOLDHOUSE.COM has a list of 50 DIY tips for your house, each of which can save you between $50 and $500 apiece.
  7. WOOT is an online store that offers 12 products each day at substantial savings.
  8. Look for money a relative left you or perhaps an account you simply forgot about at MISSINGMONEY & UNCLAIMED
  9. Get cash for old or unwanted gadgets at GAZELLE.COM. The site pays for any tech item, no matter how old, and provides free shipping. .
  10. BIRTHDAYFREEBIES is the premiere place for finding birthday freebies, birthday offers, birthday specials, birthday deals and even birthday party venues from local and national businesses.
  11. Be sure to visit the PROPERTYROOM for incredible savings from this police auction online.
  12. Avoid speeding tickets by utilizing this cool DATABASE OF SPEED TRAPS
  13. Check out the E-Justice Blog at CRIMINALJUSTICEUSA. The website has a list of 100 free do-it-yourself legal resources that can be found on the web.

Why people are so stupid - they have no clue about a real world education.


What is learning?
A journey and process, not a destination and conclusion.

What is an instructor?
A guide, not a guard or dictator.

What is discovery?
A constant process of questioning the answers,not answering the questions.

What is the goal?
Open minds so that you can "be," not closed issues so that you have to "do" and follow to achieve the goal.

What is the test?
Being and becoming, not just remembering and reviewing.

What do we teach?
Individuals; not lessons, not styles, not systems, and not methods or techniques.

What is the school?
Whatever we choose to make it.

Where is the school?
Anywhere, not a four cornered classroom, wherever we are!