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Cheapo Remodeling >> Save Hundreds of $$$

Kitchen cabinets don't need expensive brass handles. In fact, they don't need handles at all!

Cinder blocks and 2X4 can make for great cocktail tables and entertainment centers.

With all pros and cons of wood vs composite considered, I recommend composite decking to best set your deck up for long-term enjoyment. A durable, low-maintenance Trex deck is a sound long-term investment that won’t commit you to the unwieldy regular upkeep demands of wood. 

An EV is going to cost more than gas powered vehicle

If a driver owns a Nissan Versa, Hyundai Elantra, or Kia Forte, it's set to cost them about $9.78 in gas for every 100 miles.

But switch to a Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Bolt, and that increases to about $12.55 in home-charging expenses. Head to a commercial charger, and a driver is looking at nearly $16 — 64% more than if you stuck with a gas-powered car in the same segment.

Here is what you do when your are desperate for food

1. Free hotel breakfasts are commonly available in limited service hotels:
- Hotels like Hampton Inn, Best Western, and Holiday Inn Express offer free breakfast to guests
- There is usually no verification of guest status before accessing breakfast

2. Some hotels do try to verify eligibility for free breakfast:
- Hyatt Places has attempted to verify eligibility for free breakfast
- However, enforcement is often lax, especially for loyalty program members

3. Few people take advantage of free hotel breakfasts:
- It is surprising that more people do not show up for free breakfast
- There are TikTok videos demonstrating how easy it is to get free hotel breakfast without staying at the hotel