Here is what you do when your are desperate for food

1. Free hotel breakfasts are commonly available in limited service hotels:
- Hotels like Hampton Inn, Best Western, and Holiday Inn Express offer free breakfast to guests
- There is usually no verification of guest status before accessing breakfast

2. Some hotels do try to verify eligibility for free breakfast:
- Hyatt Places has attempted to verify eligibility for free breakfast
- However, enforcement is often lax, especially for loyalty program members

3. Few people take advantage of free hotel breakfasts:
- It is surprising that more people do not show up for free breakfast
- There are TikTok videos demonstrating how easy it is to get free hotel breakfast without staying at the hotel

Strategic shopping can save you more money than coupons

Buy produce and non-perishable items that are in season:
Focus on watermelon and berries in summer and citrus in winter
Canned soup, baking supplies, cold medicines, canned fruits and vegetables, baking supplies, and oatmeal are all cheapest in winter

Use what you buy and don't buy more than you need:
Freeze or re-purpose leftovers
Avoid overbuying and throwing away food
Check for expiration dates and consider the shelf life of products

Take advantage of store loyalty programs:
Get a loyalty card to access sale prices
Earn bonuses and discounts by using your card
Clip digital coupons and automatically apply them at checkout

Learn the sale cycles of your favorite products:
Pay attention to when your favorite products go on sale
Calculate the price per unit and stock up when prices are low

Ask about markdowns and find the store clearance rack:
Inquire about unsold product markdowns with department managers
Look for discontinued products in sale bins for additional savings

Try store brands.  You will find many are just as good as national brands. Walmart's Great Value canned veggies work for us!

Free Food = The Easiest Way to Become Frugal

  • Start your own garden
  • Barter with neighbors who have large gardens
  • Take up hunting/fishing
  • Work at a hall that hosts weddings and funerals - or get friendly with someone who does – take home salads, leftover chicken, etc.
  • Go to the grocery store and take advantage of free food demonstrations since they usually give samples


“Any non-discretionary charge added to a restaurant or bar customer’s bill, regardless of what it’s called, is a service charge,” Mollie Steinemann, the Colorado Restaurant Association’s manager of government affairs, told Denverite in a written statement. “Auto-gratuities fall into this category, as do things like health and wellness charges, back-of-house service charges, and anything else that a customer can’t opt into. Service charges are considered revenue and operators are required to collect sales tax on them.”

Service fees do not function like tips, which are non-compulsory gifts from the customer directly to the staff. Instead, service fees are simply an additional form of revenue. They bring in additional funds that owners can then distribute as they see fit.


Freezing Eggs

I'm saving my brown eggs from the farmer's market so I don't have to pay the extra $2.50 for cage free eggs at the supermarket this winter.

To freeze  Eggswhole eggs, crack the egg and beat until just blended, then freeze individually in a muffin tin. Then pop them out and store in a Ziploc bag once frozen. To use, simply thaw in refrigerator.