Here is what you do when your are desperate for food

1. Free hotel breakfasts are commonly available in limited service hotels:
- Hotels like Hampton Inn, Best Western, and Holiday Inn Express offer free breakfast to guests
- There is usually no verification of guest status before accessing breakfast

2. Some hotels do try to verify eligibility for free breakfast:
- Hyatt Places has attempted to verify eligibility for free breakfast
- However, enforcement is often lax, especially for loyalty program members

3. Few people take advantage of free hotel breakfasts:
- It is surprising that more people do not show up for free breakfast
- There are TikTok videos demonstrating how easy it is to get free hotel breakfast without staying at the hotel

TextNow offers free calling and texting

TextNow lets you choose a phone number, send and receive text messages and place and receive phone calls absolutely free.

However, you’ll have to pay $0.99 for a SIM card if you want to call and text away from Wi-Fi.

There’s a paid upgrade option for $9.99 per month that allows you to get rid of advertisements.

 There are four data options to choose from ranging from $8.99 per month for 1GB of mobile data to $27.99 per month for 5GB of data.

Free Food = The Easiest Way to Become Frugal

  • Start your own garden
  • Barter with neighbors who have large gardens
  • Take up hunting/fishing
  • Work at a hall that hosts weddings and funerals - or get friendly with someone who does – take home salads, leftover chicken, etc.
  • Go to the grocery store and take advantage of free food demonstrations since they usually give samples

Cheapo Fix Its

Paper Clips
Use as a hook  - drapery, pegboard
Use as cotter pin to hold lawnmower wheels
Use to replace a broken or lost door hinge pin
Use as a zipper pull

Fishing Line
Kite string
Toilet flapper chain
Sew into screen door hole

Safety Pins
To fasten new upholstery onto existing cushions
Replaces missing eyeglass screws (the ones that back out at the arm hinge)

Baking Soda
Pour one cup into clogged drain; follow with one-cup vinegar, flush with hot water

Clear scotch tape
Use to replace the plastic tip on shoelaces