Ushering in the cashless society control grid

A bank with more than $250 billion in total assets says it will soon terminate cash transactions in all of its branches.

The Australia-based Macquarie Bank says it will launch a plan to eliminate all cash, check and phone payment services in January, shifting to a digital operation by the end of the 2024.

“Between January 2024 and November 2024, we’ll be phasing out our cash and cheque services across all Macquarie banking and wealth management products, including pension and super accounts.

We’re also switching off our automated telephone banking service used to make payments over the phone. This means from November 2024 we’ll no longer offer cash or cheque services. Instead, you’ll be able to make payments digitally – a safer, quicker, and more convenient way to bank.”

Macquarie customers who currently deposit and withdraw cash at affiliated National Australia Bank branches will also lose that option by November.

Once the changes are rolled out, anyone who banks with Macquarie and wants to withdraw cash will be relegated to the bank’s ATMs, which allow customers to withdraw a maximum of $2,000 AUD per day.

“Customers can continue to withdraw cash from their transaction account via ATMs across Australia and overseas without fees.

However, cash deposits and branch withdrawals will no longer be available.”


Medical Savings Accounts
An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account that you can use to pay for qualifying healthcare expenses. HSAs can help you cover out-of-pocket costs if your health insurance policy includes a high deductible. You can also invest the money you contribute to your HSA.

Medical Tourism
Traveling abroad can save lots of money. In some countries, your hospital is like a 5-star resort!

You may have to quit a full time job and go part-time to qualify. Apply thru your states web site.

Use Direct Primary Care Clinics

Use a Bluebird® American Express® Prepaid Debit Account
Doctors are now asking for a credit card to cover what insurance does not. So put a small amount on this card and hand it to your doctor.

Eliminate the IRS and the government created tax complexity

The system is broken. From tax shelters to strangers getting your refund.

Individuals spend endless hours to file.

The IRS costs 14.3 billion every year for overall operations.

Audits are focused almost exclusively on low-income people.

The Tax Code is 6,871 pages long.


The Fair Tax Act of 2023 (H.R. 25) would fix the problems.  The Fair Tax Act would  restructure the nation’s tax system, replacing individual and corporate income taxes, the estate tax, and the payroll taxes dedicated to Social Security and Medicare with a national sales tax.

States , counties, and cities already have systems in place to collect sales tax. The proposed rate is only 30%.

Benefits of a national sales tax

The Safety Dance >> Treasury Bills in a brokerage account

Screenshot 2022-10-06 12.31.01 PM

Normally you would have to buy t-bills through broker / dealers or thru treasury direct. So most people settle for bond funds. But bond funds never reach maturity and hold more than one bond.

T-bills are considered nearly free of default risk because they are fully backed by the U.S. government. And it currently yields 3.38%. 

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