Medicare Advantage Plans Stink

1. Medicare Advantage vs Traditional Medicare:
- Medicare Advantage plans are aggressively marketed to those turning 65, but traditional Medicare is often overlooked.
- Traditional Medicare has parts A, B, and D, and supplements, while Medicare Advantage rolls everything into one plan.

2. The Drawbacks of Medicare Advantage Plans:
- Switching from an Advantage plan to traditional Medicare can be difficult, and buying a supplement may require a medical evaluation.
- Advantage plans limit your choice of doctors and facilities, which could be detrimental in the case of a serious illness.

3. The Benefits of Traditional Medicare:
- Traditional Medicare may be more difficult to understand and have higher premiums, but it offers more options for seeking out the best care.
- With traditional Medicare, you are in control of your healthcare, while with Advantage plans, the insurer limits your care and options.


Medical Savings Accounts
An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account that you can use to pay for qualifying healthcare expenses. HSAs can help you cover out-of-pocket costs if your health insurance policy includes a high deductible. You can also invest the money you contribute to your HSA.

Medical Tourism
Traveling abroad can save lots of money. In some countries, your hospital is like a 5-star resort!

You may have to quit a full time job and go part-time to qualify. Apply thru your states web site.

Use Direct Primary Care Clinics

Use a Bluebird® American Express® Prepaid Debit Account
Doctors are now asking for a credit card to cover what insurance does not. So put a small amount on this card and hand it to your doctor.

Solutions to Healthcare (2)

Medical cost sharing is often referred to as HealthShare’s, healthcare sharing ministry, and by a few other titles. At it’s core, it is alternative way to effectively reduce ones overall health care expenses by replacing the need for health insurance. A HealthShare will offer a significant lower monthly cost and often out-of-pocket expenses as compared to traditional health insurance.

  • Telemedecine or 24/7 virtual doctor included with membership
  • Available and offered in all 50 states
  • Enroll all year long
  • Lower cost alternative to traditional medical insurance
  • Medical cost sharing is NOT INSURANCE nor is it offered by insurance company’s
  • Limits & exclusions on pre-existing conditions
  • Best fit for those without serious pre-existing or chronic conditions
  • Compatible with “Direct Primary Care” membership for complete healthcare solution
  • Many are "Christian belief" based

I found one I really like. It is very low cost and does not deny membership to anyone based on their religious beliefs.

Solutions to Healthcare (1)

Cash clinics in big-box stores, pharmacies, strip malls, and rural towns. Cash clinics can provide dental and eye care, along with one-stop blood testing, allergy testing, COVID tests, and so on.

CVS wants to be an easy, affordable place to go for health care. It acquired insurer Aetna two years ago. It has Minute Clinics for acute conditions like strep throat. And it’s turning more of its approximately 10,000 U.S. stores into a HealthHub, a location with a wider range of medical services. That includes testing for sleep apnea, management of chronic conditions like diabetes and a wellness room where it can offer yoga classes. It plans to have 1,500 of those stores by the end of this year.

Walgreens is also adding health-care services to its nearly 9,000 U.S. Walgreens and Duane Reade stores. It struck a deal with VillageMD to open clinics in its stores. Under a recently accelerated timetable, 600 to 700 stores will add clinics over the next four years.