Cheapo Remodeling >> Save Hundreds of $$$

Kitchen cabinets don't need expensive brass handles. In fact, they don't need handles at all!

Cinder blocks and 2X4 can make for great cocktail tables and entertainment centers.

With all pros and cons of wood vs composite considered, I recommend composite decking to best set your deck up for long-term enjoyment. A durable, low-maintenance Trex deck is a sound long-term investment that won’t commit you to the unwieldy regular upkeep demands of wood. 

Tiny Home Living in South Central Colorado


We own the land, the park model trailer, plus a shed. Cost was $65K back in 2015
Expenses (per year)
Propane                    240
Electric                     730
Insurance                540
HOA Fees                700
Income (per year)
Sharing ISP            480